Sourdough Starter meets… 3D printer!?

This idea is either genius…. or maybe I’ve finally lost my marbles? I’ve been using a “zero discard” method for my Sourdough starter, where you just pile some flour on the starter and leave it in the fridge (for days at a time, without feeding it). Then, when I want to use it, I just add water and leave it for a few hours to ferment. There’s only so many sourdough discard recipes 2 people can eat, and I can’t bear to throw it away, so this “zero discard” method is a good compromise (I am no expert on Sourdough, still experimenting…)

Anyway, it was a cold morning, I’d just taken the glass jar out of the fridge, added cold filtered water and wanted to get this thing moving quickly, so I thought… why not put it on my 3D printer’s heated bed, and set the temperature to something like 20ºC – 30ºC to get the party started!

Glass jars aren’t very thermally conductive, so I set the bed to
30ºC for an hour or so then, when the jar got up to a balmy 24ºC, reduced the bed temperature to 25ºC and left it until doubled in size. It works a treat! Got a nice bubbly, active starter – ready to rumble!

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