Removing a Stuck Shower Plate from the Gaggia Classic

Shower Plate Removal

My shower plate had become badly clogged, with two of the holes pretty much completely blocked. When I tried to remove it, I found it was really badly stuck… I tried soaking in descaling solution, tapping it with a soft faced hammer, levering it from the side with wood (mindful of damaging the shower plate)…. but it wouldn’t budge.

Then I stumbled on a tip in a forum: simply insert a longer screw in the central hole, and tighten this until it pulls the shower plate free! So, I used an M5x20mm socket head cap screw (pictured above) and, with a few turns of an allen key, the plate popped straight off.

I tried cleaning and descaling the shower plate, but it was pretty badly stained. Having neglected my machine so badly, I felt slightly ashamed and decided it deserved an upgrade with a shiny new brass shower plate…

Brass Gaggia Shower Plate

Much better!

4 thoughts on “Removing a Stuck Shower Plate from the Gaggia Classic”

  1. Thanks for the tip. I saw that a onger screw could go into the center hole, but was afraid to try. Thinking this might be the way, just like you remove a stuck drum in a car brake system, or other types of seals.

      1. Oh dear Pam, that’s not good!
        It might be worth trying to soak it in some descaling solution (maybe even remove the water tank, and invert the machine completely to try and get the descaler into the threads).
        You could also try heating/cooling it to try and free it.
        To avoid chewing up the screw head, be careful to use the exact right size screwdriver bit also.
        Not sure what else to suggest… penetrating oil might help, but it would need to be cleaned thoroughtly afterwards if you did that of course…
        Good luck with it

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