Fire-o-matic: the home made Fire Machine

This project is firmly in the category of things you should not try making at home, but is great fun nevertheless… it’s a home made “Fire Machine” which launches jets of flames and fireballs when you switch it on:

This is obviously quite dangerous, so I seriously¬†wouldn’t recommend making one of these. You can buy them ready made on eBay (although they are pretty expensive).

Anyway, rather than write up all the details of this project, I’ve taken some photos and videos of the main components instead. This video shows the solenoid valve components¬†and how it was assembled (mostly out of scrap parts):

Here’s another video showing the electrical parts. It’s actually fairly simple, so there’s no real need for a circuit diagram/schematic:

This is where I originally got the inspiration from (Chinese made DMX fire machine):

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