Comparison of MR16 50W 12V Halogens with LED lights

We have some low voltage Halogen spots (50W, wide angle 60°) in some portable demo kit and, aside from the Halogens being ineffecient and running very hot, they have a tendency to break if knocked. I wondered if these could be replaced with LED lights and did a quick comparison:

Beam angle (Degrees)606060
Colour temperature (K)300030002700
Colour rendering (Ra)90-10080-8980-89
Average lifetime (h)40002500040000
Luminous flux (lm)770575370
Normalised brightness175%48%

I could only find one real candidate for replacement (8W Sylvania). It’s not as bright as the original Halogen, so not a true 50W equivalent, and expensive at £22.64 versus £1.38 for the Halogen. However, the LED should last 6.25× longer, and uses 16% of the power.

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