Re-installing my Raspberry Pi Espresso Controller

In the process of upgrading my Es(pi)resso machine again, and having corrupted the SD card with rpi-update, I was forced to do a complete re-install. Having forgotten most of the setup process, I decided to take some notes this time.

2 thoughts on “Re-installing my Raspberry Pi Espresso Controller”

  1. Hi James,
    SD card corruption: could it be caused by too much read/writes in the SD, due to regular temp logs?
    I checked, it sounds like the standard raspberry distribution does not automatically mount a ram drive. it might be a good idea to have one in order to improve life of your SD card, what do you think?


  2. It could be related, but I think there were other explanations in my case. One time it got corrupted after an update, and I think the others were due to improper shutdown (because I lost WiFi connection, and had to disconnect power). Recently, it seems to be back in a stable working condition (I hope!)

    I think your RAM drive suggestion is a good idea – or even making the SD card read only and using a USB stick for files. Currently I’m using a Model A Pi which only has one USB port. I’m thinking of a redesign around the Raspberry Pi B+ or Raspberry Pi 2, with a custom PCB and would also like to make the USB ports and SD card more accessible for maintenance.

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