Renault Modus Side Light Replacement

Now the Renault Modus isn’t a bad little car really, but it has at least one appalling design flaw: changing any of the front bulbs generally involves removing the whole front of the car!

Anyway, I recently had to change one of the sidelights, and read online that it’s possible to do this by removing Β part of the front grille. I couldn’t find any pictures, so I decided to take some photos as I did the job in the hope it might help someone else in the same position!

To start with, here’s a picture of the side light from the front. The bulb (circled below) is a 501 (W5W) which is 12V and 5W.

Modus Sidelight Photo

When you lift the bonnet, there’s a rubber seal along the front edge. This is clipped into place at both ends with a plastic clip, and can be gently popped out as shown below, to reveal a plastic tab (centre of photo below):

Modus Sidelight Step 1

If you lift (and jiggle) this tab, you can pull out a long plastic shaft as shown below. Once removed, this releases the front grille.

Modus Sidelight Step 2

Having completely removed this, the grille can be popped out of the front panel as shown below with the plastic locking shaft. This needs care, to avoid breaking the tabs. Before removal I also popped out the four round plastic clips to free the top edge of the front panel so that I could see the rear of the grill, and this gives a bit more flexibility, but probably isn’t essential. To remove the grille,Β I pulled the lower edge of the grill forward and up (pivoting around the upper clips).

Modus Sidelight Step 3a

After you have removed the panel (hopefully without breaking any of the retaining tabs…) you will be left with a hole like this:

Modus Sidelight Step 3b

If you look inside here, you can see a rotary cover for the side light. Unscrew this and it will reveal a black plastic cylinder. This simply pulls out and you will find the bulb pushed in the end.

Modus Sidelight Step 4

Pull the bulb out of the holder and replace. Remember to refit the cover and test all the bulbs before reassembly.

This is quite a quick job and is much, much simpler than replacing the headlights, but that’s a story for another day!

19 thoughts on “Renault Modus Side Light Replacement”

      1. Many, many thanks.
        I spent 20 minutes faffing around before it became clear that if I could get the small grill off.. and then I found your advice and it all worked.
        A word of warning. It is possible to ‘drop’ the bulb holder inside the space between the plastic cover and the rear/side of the light. The space to retrieve it is just the small circular hole that is covered by the plastic cover – took an additional 20 minutes to extract the bulb holder!
        Thanks again.

  1. Hi, I need help regarding the mounting of the renault modus engine under cover(plastic) which came off while i was removimg the bumper to replace the headlight. I now do not know where it goes and how it has ro be mounted. Thank you, John

    1. Hello John
      Unfortunately, I don’t know about the part you describe above (I’ve never removed that part, and also I no longer have the Modus). Sorry I couldn’t help you with this.
      Best regards

  2. Glad a found this advice. A job this weekend. However, I’ve still to change the H7 on the other side. Done it before – such a pain!

      1. Cheers, I managed to change the side light bulb without removing the grille completely. Removing the 4 panel holding clips at the top allowed the grille to come far enough forward! At least for the driver’s side.
        I also managed to change the passenger side dipped beam without the usual hassle. After removing the large plastic panels at the top of the engine, it was possible to access the lower bulb cover and replace the bulb. The clip is underneath to release and when reinserting needs to go back top first and then pushed down! I think this is the only bulb you can get away not having to drop the bumper!

        1. Hi,
          I followed the instructions on this blog for changing the dipped beam bulb. Got the old bulb out and new one in but I do not know how to insert it properly back into the original position. I fiddled and tried for ages but gave up. The bulb and its casing are sitting pretty nicely and the light works, however, it is not clipped in place securely.
          How on earth do I do it?
          Many thanks for any help.

          1. I no longer have the Modus, but I remember changing the dipped beam both sides and it is very, very fiddly.

            From what I remember, the bulb assembly will only go back in one specific orientation. I remember there was a plastic button/lever which you press to release (I can’t remember the orientation, but Andrew’s comment above suggests the release button is at the bottom, and that you need to tilt the lamp into place top first then rotate the bottom into position).
            Another thought is that you may be able to take a photo of the lamp on the other side of the car in situ (e.g. with mobile ‘phone camera) and from this you could check the orientation.
            Sorry I can’t be of more help, it’s a couple of years ago and it’s hard to remember now.
            It is very tricky, but I hope with persistence you will succeed in the end!

    1. Great! It’s a challenging job, isn’t it?
      (Edit: I was mis-remembering, it’s the headlights that are the real challenge!)
      All the best

  3. thankyou wifes 2004 modus didnt have the long plastic shaft,but everything else was the same,and went smoothly following this guide,,a bit daunting getting the grill out but went ok,,
    I found the bulb holder just pulls out and pushes in after fitting the bulb with a soft click.
    appreciate this is an old thread but the modus is still popular and had to thankyou,before I found this I was dreading the thought of dismantling the bumper..

    1. Great! It’s nice to know people are still finding this old thread helpful. Although we no longer have one, I still see quite a few Modus on the roads around here! (saw one this weekend in fact)

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